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If you have run into hard times and are facing legal judgment, then you need to start a bail bond as soon as possible. At Maverick, there are professionals waiting to make this difficult period in your life as easy as possible. Posting bail makes sense in almost every criminal court case and you should not let yourself suffer because you fear the costs of getting bail. This process is simple and does not have to cost a prohibitive price.

What Is Bail? What Is a Bond?

When a person is accused in court of certain types of crime, the prosecutors may fear that the accused will flee the jurisdiction before the trial. This is an event that can occur whether the accused is innocent or not because everyone is afraid of judgment. In these cases, prosecutors typically ask the judge for bail. This is an amount of money that the accused will deposit with the court. If this money is not offered, the defendant will have to stay in jail until the trial begins in order to ensure his or her presence.

The money, if deposited, is not lost. The accused can recover the funds as long as he or she shows up for court and obeys the rules of the proceedings. Nevertheless, bail is sometimes a huge burden for individuals. The judge may set a price for bail that is simply unreachable for the average defendant.

How Do Bail Bonds Help People?

Fortunately, there is a way to achieve bail and preserve your freedom in these cases. A bail bondsman can offer to cover most of the bail for you in exchange for a certain percentage of the total and an additional fee. As long as you show up for your trial appropriately, you and the bail bondsman will get your money back. The only expense you, as an individual, will bear is the premium paid for the service. This pertains to any bail, no matter how large.

Why Should We Get a Maverick Bail Bond?

Jail is not a pleasant possibility for anyone to consider. Maverick Bail Bonds has offices all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The people here can get you out of jail fast and get you working effectively on your case in no time. They guarantee that you will be treated with courtesy and respect, which can otherwise be hard to come by when you are faced with a criminal accusation.